Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Studio

My wonderful father and I got together to make these slim line shelves for my new punches...I guess I still have room for many more ~ yippee!!!!!!!

Picked up some racks from Ikea to house all my punches ~ now they are all sitting at a glance and super handy to grab and go (didn't take the greatest picture of this) Photography is not my strength as you can see ~ hopefully I'll get that figured out a bit better for taking pictures of my creations!
Okay ~ here's a better shot of my wall!

I've got my stamp sets organized in alphabetical order as well as stamped in a small binder alphabetically   ~ really helps to keep me organized ~ I also have a stamped paper inside each stamp case for quick reference and organization!

Another little shelf that my father made for me (didn't take the greatest picture of that either) it houses all my buttons, brads, know....all the necessities ~ stamp pads, pens and a picture of our grandson peeking over some buttons!

paper storage and some cards from my friends~ this is a beautiful old closet that we purchased years ago ~ I should have closed the doors for you to see how nicely this all tucks away! (I'll do that one day soon, so you can have a peek) I've got my water-colour pencils etc and ribbons stored in the drawers that were purchased at Michaels ~ love the storage sets available there, I've got them through out my studio.
~ And now the door is closed! ~

This is a great place where we do our heat embossing, cuttlebug work, catalogue viewing, etc.,  coffee & tea is alway on and goodies on the little table to the right, then to the right of all that is our work station, this is where it all comes together, where we work work work...and laugh and giggle...well I'm sure you know what that's all about, and the more tired we get, the crazier it gets down here ~ what a blast! Love what I do and the girls who share this with me ~ thanks girls!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Alright.......I'm back.......I love all these pictures. And yes we do have so much fun.
    I'm looking forward to visiting your blog very often! Can't wait to see how this progresses.
    Have fun and congratulations on your new blog, my friend.

  2. Oh my, I am SO jealous---what a wonderful area you have in which to be creative!!! Blessed girl you are!


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