Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas In October

Good Morning!
Well I'm still busy getting ready for my Christmas Stack in October, and I did get more done yesterday ~ but the afternoon sun was beaconing me out ~ so far be it for me to argue about spending time in the garden ~  away I went and got a bit more done outside! While I was out there, I decided to share some of our yard with you ~ thanks for humouring me and taking a peek ~ hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Pictures of my little hobby greenhouse and a very messy flower garden!

This is a large two walled feature in the very back of our yard. Dean took an old barn apart and reconstructed it in our yard. Many family photo's are taken back here!

I'm sure you noticed throughout these pictures, we have many old barrels, wagons, etc. and now an old tricycle in the front yard ~ as my darling little neighbour Julia asked me one day 
"Mrs. Willerton, why do you like....old....broken things?" ~ I'm not sure Julia...I just do!

Our greenhouse once again ~ taken in the summer!

 ~ another sneak peek of card #2 tomorrow ~
Be sure to drop by!
~ thanks for taking this little tour with me ~
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful picture Denise. I'll bet that's where you are right now too as I'm typing this. I would be too if I had a gorgeous and tranquil spot like that.
    Looking forward the another sneak peek tomorrow.

  2. your yard is GORGEOUS! I wish I had a green thumb ... I don't have the patience or the interest (to my mother's chagrin). I still wish I had a yard looking like that!


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