Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RAK From A Darling Friend

Is it possible to have an friend that you've never met. Well my mother in law has a friend in Austrialia that has been her pen pal since she was in grade school. And mom is now 84! So my answer to this question is yes, absolutely ~ and so, I have an on-line pal and one day, I would LOVE to meet her IRL, create cards with her and teach her how to knit something other than a hat. 
Have you ever heard the adage, a painters house is never painted, how about a card maker hardly ever hands out cards....well, that one would be me! I don't know why, birthday's & anniversaries, yes, but beyond that...I just don't seem to take the time...but I want that to change starting today. My darling friend has gifted me with so many of her wonderful creations and I know first hand the huge blessing that comes along with receiving a card and knowing that you are being thought of. LeAnne, you bless me, you encourage me and I count you as a dear friend, thank you thank you thank you!!! Here is a card from LeAnne that she gifted me with while I was under the weather for over a month. LeAnne's cards are stunning ~ what a beautiful gift she has and she also shares them so freely! LeAnne you inspire me to be a better person ~ a quality I love to see in my friends!

If you have never visited LeAnne's blog ~ be sure to pop in on her and say hi!

Thanks so much for popping by today, I hope you have a wonderful day and that you're a blessing to those you share this day with. 

If you live in Winnipeg or the vicinity and would like to host a party I would love to come and stamp with you and your friends!! Or, if space is an issue, come here and create with me at one of my many clubs or classes! Drop me a line for further info! I'd love to meet you! Enjoy your day!


  1. To those reading this, Denise has it all is SHE who blesses me with her encouragement, her kind words and her faith in the Lord!!! She is a long-distance friend, but one I treasure! Glad you enjoyed the card, my friend! ♥

  2. How fun to have a friend like this and what a beautiful card she sent you.


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