Friday, January 6, 2012

Never Enough Time!

 This is my first visit with my grandsons this year! I was so excited to have lunch with Angela & Andrea today and it was wonderful to see them....but I must say (sorry girls) boys were there...... and I've never had a picture with just the boys...and so here it is ~ I am feeling better today, but definitely not 100%, so I'm hoping to still have a quiet weekend and get ready for my first class on Monday night. ~ Now if I'm really lucky I'll get to some creating as well, I'm itching to play with some of my SU product, there they sit in my studio, calling my name ~ tomorrow just might be the day ~ so if there is another post tomorrow or Sunday, you will know that I actually made it to one of my happy places!

So alas, no card, just me and my boys...hope you still enjoyed this wee visit...and thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy your evening and this weekend that is upon us!

If you live in Winnipeg or the vicinity and would like to host a party I would love to come and stamp with you and your friends!! Or, if space is an issue, come here and create with me at one of my many clubs or classes! Drop me a line for further info! I'd love to meet you! Enjoy your day!

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  1. It was so good to talk to you today my friend. Love this picture of you and "Your boys".


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