Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sunshine in the Mail

Dean & I packed up some food and got ready to head off to the LakeHouse for the weekend ~ just before we left, Dean came in the house with the mail ~ oh my goodness...what a beautiful way to start  my weekend ~ I got some sunshine in the mail ~ take a look at this fabulous card that my friend Shel gifted me with ~ thanks SO much Shel, I LOVE this card and absolutely NEED to recreate it!!!

It looks like it shaping up to be a beautiful day at the LakeHouse ~ I'm not sure if you can tell that the ice has begun to melt, I wouldn't be walking on that anymore!!!  In fact, when we went for a walk yesterday, with rubber boots of course...well, Dean did go through the ice, but it was only half way up his boot!  So much for our last walk on the ice ~ so to the beach we went!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day, be safe, be healthy, be encouraged in knowing that God's got this

just a super quick post here today ~ I've got to get outside ~ so away I go ~ 

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  1. Beautiful card Shel sent you.
    It looks beautiful at the LakeHouse. Enjoy...but stay off that ice:)


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