Monday, November 22, 2010

Have You Heard

There is another great special happening at Stampin' Up for 9 days only! 
Check it out here and see what all the fuss is about!

And while you're in my store ~ don't forget about the great savings when you sign up and join my team ~ This expires on November 30 ~ so there isn't much time left
Here are a few frequently asked questions, I'm sure you've had a few yourself, so have a peek for the answers

  • Q - Once I decide to buy the Starter Kit, what do I need to do next?
    A - Basically nothing once you fill out the Independent Demonstrator Agreement, complete the order form, and arrange for payment.
  • Q - What if I don't like what's in the Starter Kit, or some of the items are items I already have?
    A - The Starter Kit is about 80% customizable, so you can select items within a specific price group that work for you and your personal stamping style.  And that includes merchandise from the current Mini catalogs. 
  • Is the Starter Kit special only good on the original Starter Kit?
    A - No, it is also available for the Digital + Starter Kit.  My Digital Studio is a digital paper crafting  tool that provides you with the software to create cards, scrap book pages, movies and multi-media presentations using your photos and Stampin' Up!'s images, Designer Series Papers, Color Collections, and embellishments all in digital form.  It's available for both Mac and PC.
  • Q - Is there only one type of Stampin' Up! Demonstrator?
    A - Actually there are two different types of Demonstrators.  A Hobby Demonstrator is just interested in joining for the discounts and perks.  The Career Demonstrator is interested in pursuing the demonstratorship as a source of additional income.  Whether that be just to pay for your stamping addiction, or to provide additional income for other expenses such as ...well, you name it!  You decide which demonstrator role works for you.
  • Q - How long do I have to decide if it's right for me?
    A - You have until March 31, 2011 to meet the minimum quarterly sales requirement.  At that point you're either in or you're not.  There will be no Starter Kit Police at your door.
  • Q - Speaking of minimum sales requirement, how much is that?
    A - During the course of three months you must purchase $425 in Stampin' Up! Merchandise.  I like to explain it this way.  There are 52 weeks in the year.  That means there are 14 weeks per quarter.  Therefore you have to commit to purchase $30 worth of Stampin' Up! merchandise a week.  But that's the full price.  As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator you get 20% off, so really you are only spending $24 a week plus sales tax and shipping.  My recommendation to hobby demonstrators is to tuck that money away and place two $212 orders.  This qualifies you for FREE merchandise.  Talk about The Price Is Right!  If this all sounds confusing, I'd be happy to chat with you about it.  Again - no OBLIGATION!
  • Q - If I decide not to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, do I have to return the Starter Kit?
    A - No!
  • Q - Are there any other specials for new demonstrators?
    A - During the first 45 days you will receive an extra 10% discount off your first $200 order.  So you'll actually be spending even less than $24 per week for that first quarter. So that means you’ll earn up to 30 percent on your first order!
  • Q - How many workshops must I conduct per month?
    A - None!
  • Q - How many demonstrators must I sign up annually?
    A - None!
  • What other perks do I receive as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator?
    A - You receive advance notice of all specials.  You receive all catalogs and Mini catalogs a month in advance.  You receive the opportunity to purchase a limited number of Hostess Sets.  You qualify for all Hostess benefits providing you meet the predetermined sales levels.  You receive a great publication chock full of product information, project suggestions, 
  • Q - What is my OBLIGATION if I sign up?  
  • A - Pay for the Starter Kit.  That's it!
  • Q - How much is shipping for the Starter Kit?
    A - Free!
Q - Where can I get more information?

A - Right here   or call me at 204-661-3269

If you have any other questions, Please contact me and I'd be happy to chat with you about them.  No pressure!  No OBLIGATION.  I just believe this is such a one-of-a-kind deal and I would hate for you to miss out if you are even casually thinking about it.
Thanks so much for stopping by today ~ and I'm really hoping to have a post for you to see today ~ ~have a great day~ and maybe we'll see you later!

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