Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Tribute To My Sister

Can I share a bit about myself this morning! I have been blessed with being a little sister to my older brother Paul and a BIG sister to Anita, David & Diane! Yup a family of five ~ growing up in our family meant camping, road trips, moving every 3-4 years, camping...did I mention camping! We loved to camp! We grew up all across Canada and also a 4 year stay in Germany, where we did a lot of travelling, camping, and site seeing. We were all born in different locations except for Anita & David ~ they were both born oversees in Germany! But I want to share about Anita this morning ~ I was introduced to the world of Big Sister on January 12, 1961 when I met my little baby sister Anita! Here she is at the age of two!

Here's the whole gang ~ I'm standing beside my big brother and Anita is beside me ~ my sweet little brother David and the adorable baby is Diane, my baby sister and Best Friend!

Anita in 1969!

This is Anita's grade 12 picture taken in Sept of 1979 ~ our teen years together were very fun ~ Anita & I had many similar interests and shared them together...this all came to a tragic end on June 1, 1980 when she was killed on the side of the road by a drunk driver. PLEASE DON'T DRINK & DRIVE ~ LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS! We shared 18 short years together and for that I am extremely thankful ~ I do miss my sister and often wonder how sweet life would be with her.
But that's not the reality of my world ~ I don't want this post to make you feel sorry for me, my life is rich ~ I just really wanted to give a tribute to my sister and hopefully encourage you to love and appreciate those that the Lord has placed in your life, whether the season is long or short, our relationships with each other are a gift from God. Hug those that you love....better yet....tell them so ~ a spoken word  of love is wonderful to share! So now go and spread some loving' in your world ~ we were created to love!
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13

Thank you so much for stopping by today ~ I'm off to share a cuppa tea with a darling friend of mine....and yes, she will be squished and told that she is loved much. I am blessed to call her my friend for life ~ God bless you today ~ I know I am blessed!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Anita! What a beautiful young lady! Thank you for sharing it and the pictures with us. Thanks you for the reminder to cherish those we love and to tell them so.

  2. Oh Denise, thank you for sharing that---it makes me cry because there are times that I want to wring my siblings' necks, and here you are, missing yours so much. Thanks for helping me put the proper perspective on things. I am very emotional today (who knows why?) so I guess the Lord is trying to wash me clean!!! Love you!

  3. Oh what a beautiful tribute to your sister. Our neice was taken away by a drunk driver too at young age. I also often wonder what her life would be like today. I hope they have met in heaven and know we have too! My heart is with you! Hugs,


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