Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Move In Begins!

Well I'm sorry that I don't have anything created to show you....well the cardstock kind...but here is a creation that is still in progress! The furniture has been returned to it's proper corners and now I'm busy dusting, placing and having a blast!

This week will consist of gardening during the day *smile* and finishing the move, in the evening....and once my evening chores are done....I'll be back in my studio *smiling again*

Here's a little peek at the dining room, the floors are amazing ~ we are so pleased with the workmanship that has taken place in our reno! Dynasty Flooring...you're amazing, thank you! 
Be sure to tell them I sent you! So here is the progression....
from plush Teal wall to wall carpeting

to how we lived for almost 2 months....and survived!

To the reveal! 

I haven't shown you a peek at our three wonderful grandsons ~ so without any further ado.....

Three amazing boys all sporting their 'Go Canucks Go' shirts!
Well I'd better run...my flower beds are calling ~ I'll post a few pictures once some planting is done.
Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by!

If you live in Winnipeg or the vicinity and would like to host a party I would love to come and stamp with you and your friends!! Or, if space is an issue, come here and create with me at one of my many clubs or classes! Drop me a line for further info! I'd love to meet you! Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow, it looks wonderful! And look at those boys (squeal!!)!!! Adorable! I think we should get those two little ones, yours & mine, together! :D

  2. Denise the "reveal" looks wonderful! Wow what a difference and how happy you must be with it all. (and to be getting your house back in order). What an adorable trio of young men you have there too. Thanks for sharing their picture.


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