Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Gathering With My Girls

Well I'm ready for our Christmas Gathering! The table is set, the gift boxes are stuffed, the Wassail is simmering, the music is playing, the candles are lit ~ I just need to hear the bells at the front door and the festivities will begin! Here's a picture of the table scattered with their thank you gifts! Too bad it turned out a bit blurry!

My Christmas dishes are so much fun ~ 
I love serving with them and can't wait to bless my friends this evening! 
Little 'Cake boxes' that I create and tucked little gifts in them for my girls to enjoy! 

I also created little Luminaries for each of the girls to take home and warm up a cozy corner with them! They look absolutely stunning ~ I can't wait to share them with the girls!

Thanks for stopping by today ~ I hope you enjoyed your visit ~ Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, I wish I could have been one of your guests....just fabulous!

  2. The table looked fantastic! The wassail was delicious. The "being together" was absolutely wonderful. Denise the luminaries and cake pieces you made for us are gorgeous and I appreciate all the time and creativity you put into making them. I love the poinsettias on the cake tops and what an adorable mini envelope with a secret message in it. I love love love the luminary. Thank you for making our Christmas Gathering so special.


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