Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweet Gift Card Holer

I needed a gift card holder for one of our friend couples from our Bible Study Group.  They are heading west at the end of the month and I can't send someone off without a little something. First I found out which restaurants are located in the town they are moving to and proceeded to create their gift card holder to house their Boston Pizza card!  Natalie is a sweet young lady and I know she'll love this girly card holder.....Stephen on the other hand will just have to's all about the purses and shoes...and the bonus for him is a night out with his sweetheart! So here is my card holder..., I had a blast creating this!

 Natalie is also crazy about "hello kitty" ~ how could I NOT create a hat for her ~ so here is my Hello Kitty hat that I crocheted for her ~ I know she'll wear this and love having it to add to her Hello Kitty Collection! 
Have fun Natalie :-)

Thanks so much for popping by today ~ I hope you have a wonderful day 
~Enjoy Your Weekend~

If you live in Winnipeg or the vicinity and would like to host a party I would love to come and stamp with you and your friends!! Or, if space is an issue, come here and create with me at one of my many clubs or classes! Drop me a line for further info! I'd love to meet you! Enjoy your day! Please pop in on'll find a link to some knitting that I've created. Drop me a line if you have any questions!

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  1. Well I've missed some posts here while I've been away. I love this purse gift card holder. Beautiful paper. That hat is adorable too.


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